EC&I 830 Summary of Learning

This course has made me do some serious thinking in regards to technology use in the classroom, as well as the impacts it has on childhood and society.  I’ve learned through our debates how important of a role both teachers and parents have in determining the effectiveness of technology and social media.

I used to worry too much about using tech in the classroom “just because” I thought I should be.  I’ve started using it much more purposefully, to enhance learning not to replace pen and paper.

I made fun of most social media.  It was a waste of time and was nothing but negative for our ‘kids’.

My students and daughter will use it regardless so I MUST learn to embrace it and at least learn how to use it.  I recently made a SnapChat and Instagram account.  The better I understand these common apps our kids use the more I can help them use them responsibly.

Throughout this course I kept thinking of my daughter.

How can I ensure she uses technology in a positive way in the future?

How can I protect her?

The answer I kept coming to was that I must be a positive role model.  This is what led me to my summary of learning.  As I was making strides and trying new things throughout this course all I kept thinking of was the huge stages she has already conquered in her short life.  This is why I chose to use her as inspiration for my final video.  I hope you enjoy!


3 thoughts on “EC&I 830 Summary of Learning

  1. Awe, I love how you used videos of McKinley experiencing different things to showcase your learning of new things! I appreciate your honesty when it comes to social media yourself, but that you are willing and committed to trying to figure it out for her and your students! Balance is totally key, I agree with you there! Wishing you a great summer ahead!

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  2. I loved your video! What a sweet little girl you have. Such a great idea to use videos of your daughter to highlight what you have learned. My kids are in my video also. It was either have them in the video or find a babysitter. Kids are a big part of our world and they deserve to be included. Have a great summer Kristen!


  3. I love the creative approach you took to your summary of learning. Really entering the digital age is a lot like the steps we take when we are infants. It is unchartered territory and if you are not careful you could really get hurt! I think we forget that we need to be cautious and tread carefully though the digital landscape to ensure we are learning in a safe place, just like your daughter! You would never just throw her and expect her to begin to walk. The same is true with teaching digital literacy and citizenship. As educators we need to hold our students hands and carefully guide them along the way, just as you do when a child is learning to walk!
    Great job and fun video!


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