Technology to Enhance Learning

An argument our group made in defending WHY technology does enhance learning was that it helps move from teacher-centred learning to student-centred. This Tedx Talk, by Joe Ruhl, discusses the essential 21st century skills we must be instilling in our classroom and students: choice, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity! Ruhl is definitely an experienced teacher (37 years!), thus has had the time and knowledge to build activities that are 100% there to enhance the students learning. He shows how technology isn’t necessarily always computer based, although can include it as well.   A key take-away, which I agree with wholeheartedly is to give students the option of how to present their learning.  For a student that might consist of pencil & paper or a computer program…both options are in fact technologies.  At our Monday night debate one thing I believe we all agreed on was that it all depended on the teacher.  We cannot forget how important relationships are with students, because without them there can rarely be meaningful learning, and solid relationships allows the chance for growth both academically and personally.  We MUST teach our students with the help of their families to instil positive digital citizens!

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